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How to buy?

1. Browse the store home page or in the "Categories" on the top left to see more productos.Entre in different sections and products and Click on the item you like.
2. In the product screen you will see pictures of it, the caracterterísticas available and other specifications. If you like, select the features you want, the number of items, and, if the product allows, if you want to customize and click "Add to cart".
3. After clicking "Add to Cart" to see the contents of your shopping cart and you can start by clicking "Buy".
4. You must then log in or register if you are not yet registered as a user and provide the data we need to process your order. If your purchase is for a gift, follow the steps in the order form to configure it to your liking.
5. Finally, it only remains to choose the method of payment.

After confirming your order you will receive a confirmation by e-mail with a summary of

your purchase and then begin preparing shipment. We will keep you

informed of the status of your order throughout the process.
User data you provide when you register will be saved in

"My account" and will not be re-entered for future purchases.

In addition, through the "My Account" you can track the status of your order, download

the bill, realizing our direct consultations, obtain discount codes ...